The way I feel

The way I feel

I feel so angry
I feel so empty
I want to scream
But no words come out
I feel stifled
I feel like I don’t matter
I feel alone
I feel so unworthy
I feel ashamed
I feel regret
I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall
I feel like giving up
I feel like quitting
I cant keep going on like this
I know I deserve better
I know I am worth more than this
I am crying out for you to hear me
I am begging you to see me
I feel like you don’t care
This house doesn’t feel like a home
I don’t feel like your partner
I don’t feel like I’m your equal
You want to constantly be right
Constantly in control
Its your way or nothing
I feel like I’m fighting for nothing
I feel like I can’t keep surviving in this never ending cycle
I feel like I’m losing myself to nothing
I feel like there is nothing left to fight for
I wish you would just hear and see me
I feel like you are blinded by your own insecurities and can’t see that you are hurting me
I feel like it would be better if I just wasn’t here
I feel like everything would be better for everyone else if I just disappeared into the oblivion


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