Saving Myself

Saving Myself

The storm clouds gather above me
While I am dangling on the edge
Dancing with my demons
I want to experience free fall
I hold up a light
To chase away the darkness
I feel inside
I chose to create
My masquerade
No one has called my bluff
I have been searching in
All the wrong places
For what is missing within me
Chasing an illusion
I don’t want to disappoint you
But no one can save me
I have to save myself
I have tried deconstructing
This act
Face my hallucinations
I have to fall head first
Watching the ground
Give way
Shattering the illusions
Leaving only
The raw truth
I need to discover
All that I am missing
I am sorry if I disappointing you
But I need to save
No one can do it for me
I need to discover
Who I am
I need to face the truths
Find the answers
That have yet
To Come


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