Letting go

Letting go

I find comfort in this panic
The world is on my shoulders
I feel like I am underwater
Gasping for air
I don’t like my mind
Piling on problems that
Are so unnecessary
I keep dragging around
All the baggage that
Weighs me down
Pulling me deeper
Everything feels so heavy
I just want to be free
I’m driving myself crazy
I keep holding onto more
Than I can carry
I wish I could slow
Everything down
It’s not my choice
To keep my mind
This messy and chaotic
If I could just let, go
Id set myself free
I am driving myself crazy
Feeling everything is my responsibility
I want to let go
Float to the top
But I can’t escape this gravity
I am told that I am paranoid
I can’t help but feel that
Everything is my fault
If I could only just let, go



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