What happened to the girl I used to know?

What happened to the girl I used to know?
Whatever happened to you
You were fearless
You had everything figured out
You wanted to conquer the world
When did it become more
Important to please others
Than yourself
Why did you start changing
To make everyone happy
You sacrificed so much
You settled for less than you
When did you start
To see your self-worth
Based on your body?
When did
You lose your
When did you
Decide you
Why did you
Stop reaching for the stars?
What made you feel
So helpless?
Why did you
Think you were
Only worth
A man’s approval?
Why did you
Stop chasing your dreams?
You wanted to be
A lawyer
A writer
An artist
A chemical and nuclear engineer
You wanted to travel
The world
You were
You never backed down
When did you start
Caring more about
Pleasing a man
Than yourself?
The girl I
Used to know
Wouldn’t have
Tolerated the
Things you do now
The girl I knew
Was headstrong
Wasn’t afraid to speak
Her mind
When did you change?
Why did you change?
When did you start
Allowing men
To disrespect you
Abuse you
Use you
You used to leave
Guys for a lot less
You were never
Afraid to be alone
I miss the that girl
I want her back
What happened to that girl I use to know?
Walking with her head held high
Full of vigor
How do I get you back?
When did you
Just give up?
When did you just check out?
Please come back
I miss that girl
I used to know girl-superhero


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