You have been my dear friend for years
I have known you my whole life
You have comforted me
When I was down
We have celebrated
Many great things
You never seemed
To fail me
Your warm and smoky embrace
Mellowing out
All the thoughts
Racing in my head
Calming me down
Whispering in my ear
And backing me off
The that edge
You gave me a sense of normalcy
You focused me
You allowed me to sleep
Without nightmares
You evened my moods
You helped me
Keep things in perspective
You listened to my
Irrational fears
You were my shoulder to lean on
We would spend hours
Listening to music
You were my longest lover
You respected my boundaries
My limits
You never took more
Than you gave
You were my best friend
We never fought
You never judged me
Or expected anything in return
You were my confidant
Keeper of my deepest secrets
You were my crutch
My support system
My dear friend
Thank you for being there



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