The war within my mind

The walls are closing in
I can barely breathe
The space is dark
I can’t see
Or feel my way out
I am trapped

The ground is giving way
I’m in a perpetual free fall
The sides are spinning
It’s like having vertigo
This darkness is maddening
I can’t find the ground

There is a war raging
I’m just the prisoner
I feel like I have a bag over my head
I’m trapped in this space
It knows no bounds or limits

I pray for some salvation
Some peace
But to no avail
I’m stuck in this loop
There is no escape
I want to break this cycle
I want to experience freedom

I scream at the top of my lungs
But my voice doesn’t seem to reach anyone
I wish I could escape to my dreams
A place without pain

My mind is battered
It is scarred and damaged
I am trapped in my own battlefield
I am trying to salvage my sanity
A casualty in this war
Fueled by dysfunction

For a minute I wish
This war would cease
So I can get my thoughts together
I am constantly in survival mood
I am always hiding the pain

I started hurting myself
To see if I was able to feel
It was the only thing
That seemed real
I was trying to kill
These memories

I created a crown of broken thoughts
That is beyond repair

Who is to blame for my tragedy
Will it ever make sense?
Is there more to life then
This endless battle?


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