My reflections

Looking in the mirror
I notice:
my freckles
My sunken in cheeks
The bags under my eyes
The stretch marks from having children
The weight I can’t seem to lose
The scars from years of self-hatred
Tattoos that show my love for my children
My mother’s looks
My father’s forehead

I see:
A mother that tries her hardest
A student that is trying to excel
A friend that has been neglectful
A blogger trying to reach an audience
A writer that is constantly finding inspiration
A wife that is torn between wanting her family together and trying to break the cycle of abuse
A sister that is ever distant
A daughter that is a constant disappointment

I feel:
Unworthy of love
Driven to succeed

I think:
I should try harder
I should give up
That there are times my children would be better off without me
I need more sleep
I need to focus more
I should relax
I am an embarrassment


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