My Sensory Seeker

My Sensory Seeker

Life with you is never dull
Its always filled with high paced and exciting activities
Playing in the mud
Getting down and dirty
Spinning around and dancing
Jumping and flipping off the bed
You are my daredevil
You love to test limits
You are always trying to see
the highest step you can jump from
Sometimes you scare me with how
unafraid you are
You love to play fight and wrestle
I often have to remind you
that you can’t be so rough
You eat the sleeves and collars of your shirts
You put non-edible things in your mouth
You love anything that involves movement
Riding your quad
Swinging on the swings
The higher I push you the happier
You are
You love to help cook
Pushing carts and brooms
You are always rummaging through
your toy bins and dumping them out
You are my picky eater
You can tell by looking at things
If you are going to eat it or not
You love to splash
during bath time
the messier the better
People tell me you are high energy
High strung
I have to chuckle
Even though you may ware me thin
I try and keep in mind
You are trying to regulate your
starving sensory system
You are my sensory seeker
and I wouldn’t change you
for the world


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