My life as a mom

My life as a mom

I wake up and I hear my children calling for me
My son wants to go outside
My daughter wants her mommy
I get up and I gather them together
We head downstairs
Where we then get breakfast started
Some days my son is cooperative
Other days he isn’t
If we don’t have pancakes and chocolate milk
My first meltdown has begun
Thank god they invented peanut butter and jelly
After breakfast we play
He wants outside
He wants his video game
He wants his tablet
My daughter is content with her toys
And my attention
If we can’t go outside
Or if I have to walk away
Welcome to meltdown 2
And it’s not even noon
Fast forward to lunch
Now we have to struggle to
Find something other than
Peanut butter and jelly
Because you can’t survive off of it
Even though my son swears we can
After lunch its nap time
Or so I think
My daughter will become very miserable
My son hates naptime
So mommy gets ½ a point for trying
One kid down
One with enough energy to power the world
He is calm and I have my sanity
For now
After his sister’s nap
They fight like cats and dogs
Here come more meltdowns
I keep telling myself patience
And start the countdown until bedtime
Now dinner
The worst meal of the day
My son will tell me just by looking at
It if he will eat it
If not, he wants peanut butter and jelly
I’m not going to lie
There are days he gets it
By dinner time I
Have managed more meltdowns
Than a chemical plant
More crisis than the government
And mommy can only handle so much
After Dinner is play time
Soon its bath time which is
Way messier than it needs to be
Hey why not splash mommy
I love it… not
Neither wants their hair washed
Or to get out of the tub
Now its bedtime
Or so I think
She wants her ninny
She wants mommy to go to bed
Kid I wish
Now the battle of the century
My son, that energizer bunny
He doesn’t want to go to
He wants his tablet
Which only keeps him
Up all night
Then its I want minions
That DVD needs to break
If we don’t get minions
Its playtime
He wants to bounce off
The walls
It’s a million and one questions
I have to go to the bathroom
I am thirsty
Finally, if I am lucky
An hour later and
He is out
Then comes the cleaning up
I swear how do kids get toys all over
I think why bother cleaning up
Oh yea, I hate stepping on cars and toys
After clean up
Then Its school work
If I am done that
I try and work on my blog
Then if I am lucky
I will finally get to crawl into bed
And pray that they don’t
Pray that she doesn’t lose her ninny
And then I start my day all over again

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