Been through it

There was once upon a time
Where I thought I could
Conquer the world
Now I am hustling just to make
It through this struggle
I am a single mom
I am bipolar
I am a pot head
I am a survivor of domestic violence
I have been broke
I have lived in transitional living
I have attempted college
Three times
I have tried to hide
Tears from my kids
I have tried to end my life
I have cut so bad
I still have scars
I put on this front
That I am strong
I have been through so much
I am a survivor of childhood abuse
I grew up in chaos
I lived in motels
I have tried pills
There were still times
I think I can’t make it
I have been bounced around
I didn’t meet my dad til I was 7
I have slept around
I looked for love
In all the wrong places
I put my headphones on
To block everything out
I have seen more dark days
Than I have light
I have a child
With autism and SPD
Don’t tell me
You have been where I am
I have stumbled
But I still get back up
One day
I know I will be
Able to say
I have made it
I spend so many
Nights questioning my life
I have lost so many friends
I have had fake friends
I have done wrong
I am not perfect
I turned
To poetry to
Get everything
Off my chest
I knew how to shoot heroin
When I was eight years old
I have never sold drugs
But I do know where to get them
I have moved more than
I found a sense of peace
With Mary Jane
She has been my longest love
I got pregnant at 19
Had postpartum depression
I have DYFS in my life
I still won’t let
All this get me down
I don’t pretend that
I have been through it
I tell myself
That one day I will be great
I’m not scared of drama
I have grown up in it
I have helped my dad
I was saved
When I had my son
He gave me a motivation
I left his father
And now I left
My daughters father
If you want to
Judge me
Take a walk in
My shoes
I have been through
So much
It would have been easier to
Just give up
But Im a fighter
And I will Conquer

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